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Jane worked on Arthur for 3 x one hour sessions over the course of three weeks. I have seen significant improvement in his movement and he seems to have reduced pain and increased mobility. Arthur is more active in the mornings compared to before the treatment. I am very pleased with the impact.

Jane seemed to have a good understanding of what Alfie’s problems were and was able to concentrate on the relevant areas. He seems to have some of his old swagger back and to be much more balanced when walking, his back seems nice and straight when previously it always looked to be a bit twisted. He also seems to be holding his head higher and is happy to trot ahead of me at times. Prior to the treatment he would have his head down and would stay by my side.

Since Jane has massaged Max he is a lot better and isn’t as stiff. Before the massages we could see the muscles in his hind legs, which were causing the issues, and because of this the way he walked was affected. Since the massage this is not as noticeable and he is walking much better and doesn’t appear to be in any discomfort, he can get up from resting much easier. Max really enjoyed him time with Jane, I’m sure if he could he would have her come every week for his ‘pamper time’, Jane made sure all our dogs had some of her attention before and after Max’s session. She was very kind and gentle with all of them and they enjoyed the fuss from her.

Jane was very calm and paid huge amounts of attention towards Letti talking and soothing her and Letti loved the attention and settled very quickly. I think she is not as stiff moving around, especially getting up from a lying position. Some mornings before she’d had massage she wasn’t able to get up straight away when she woke up but since massage therapy she does not seem to have this problem.

Before Murphy’s cruciate ligament injury he had a real trot when he walked but following his injury and then surgery he was really hobbling. Following the first massage session I noticed that Murphy’s movement improved and it got better following each session. The therapy has definitely made a massive difference and his trot has come back. He also appears to be licking his front paw a lot less.
I think probably, like a lot of people, I was a bit sceptical that massage would actually have any impact but I can honestly say you have made a massive difference so thank you. What I liked was the fact that I was present so I could get a better understanding of the main issues. I would definitely recommend anyone to try massage therapy over other therapies as Murphy has made fantastic progress and I feel that finally he is well on his way to a full recovery.

Tug is nearly 14 years old and over the past twelve months has become progressively less mobile. Following our discussions we decided to embark on a number of massage sessions and we are delighted with the results. Tug is now less stiff in his movement and has rediscovered a little of his youthful ‘bounce’. He definitely has benefitted from the massage sessions and it was very apparent, after the wariness of the initial session, that he really enjoyed the process. On the last session I have not seen him so relaxed and content. Given the improvement in his mobility and his general wellbeing, I hope to continue the treatment to ensure we maintain Tug’s current condition. Many thanks for your advice and support.